Our Lifetime Gold Pass Mentorship will help grow your practice and fill your patient calendar

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A special offer for you and your career...

With the AOM Summit Gold Pass you'll be able to learn all the AOM Summit trainings at your own pace anytime, anywhere for life, even after the Summit is over.

We encourage you to grab your AOM Summit Gold Pass now to lock in your lifetime mentorship.

For $197 you'll have access to all the trainings from 2015 AND 2016 for life!


Learn at your own pace. Your lifetime
Gold Pass Mentorship

We want to help you be the successful practitioner we both know you are.  Learning the right tools is key to any successful practice, but learning at your own pace is why the AOM Summit Gold Pass is so great. You are going to learn how to...

  • Attract more, high quality patients
  • Keep those patients coming back
  • Raise your fees without losing those patients
  • Get the work-life balance you richly deserve
  • Craft your BEST marketing message to attract patients that pay, stay and refer
  • Get MDs to come to your practice, lay down on yoga mats and refer their patients to you
  • ....and more

These aren’t just presentations…
they’re mentoring sessions

We're hope you were able to catch some of the AOM Summit 2016! Over the course of the summit we were shown the same exact systems, strategies and tactics the world’s best use to attract more patients.

This is a hundred years worth of combined experience and success wrapped up in one event.  The best part of the summit is watching the presentations whenever you want.

Each presentation is available on-demand with a 2016 Gold Pass.  Yet, unlike most summits this isn’t just about listening to our presenters tell their story.

Instead, we felt like you’d get far more value out of this program if it were focused on mentoring.  You’re going to get the type of premium coaching most acupuncturists would pay several thousands for.


AOM Summit On Demand:  A Lifetime of Mentoring To Grow Your Business For Just Pennies On The Dollar

One of the lessons we learned from last year’s event was how motivated you are to grow your practice.  That is why you’re here right?

In fact, over 500 acupuncturists gained instant access to all mentoring sessions and presentations and will continue to use them to grow their successful practices.

The biggest reason why was simple:  because there is so much Power-packed content in each session our attendees will reference the strategies and tactics they learn in the videos to help them grow their practice exponentially.

In light of the flood of requests we got, I wanted to introduce you to the AOM Summit "Gold Pass."  What you get with the Gold Pass is lifetime access to the following: (please note, bullets can be used with icons depending on website format)

  • Every single second of each AOM Summit 2016 mentoring session
  • MP3 recordings of all the sessions that you can play in the car or on your mobile devices on the go
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask specific questions about your practice and get tailored feedback
  • Detailed presenter notes revealing every single secret used by the world’s best acupuncturists to grow your practice
  • You’ll even get transcripts from all the mentoring sessions to quickly find strategies and tactics you can use immediately

Other marketing Summits similar to the AOM Summit will charge you $2,000 or more to access their program (not including the travel costs to attend)

However, you’re NOT going to need to pay $2,000 to access the AOM Summit, in fact, you're not going to pay even half that amount.

This summit is a high powered mentoring program from the best of the best, and you'll be able to gain LIFETIME access to it, for a fraction of the cost. In fact, just one new patient, gives you lifetime access to this program!

Plus, to make this a slam dunk for you, we’ve added several high value bonuses you will have access to as well.

Don’t wait long...this offer is ONLY valid for a limited time.



Get instant lifetime access to the AOM Summit 2016 with our Gold Pass.

You'll have mentoring for LIFE with the Gold Pass!
We know it's a great value at $197.
Here is everything that is included:

Lifetime Videos Access To AOM Summit 2015 & 2016 Program

A $1350 value.

Lifetime MP3 Audio Access To AOM Summit 2015 & 2016

A $139.86 value.

Lifetime Access to 2015 & 2016 Presenter Handouts and PDF Files

A $98 value.

Lifetime Access to 2015 & 2016 Presentation Transcript Summary PDF Files

A $98 value.

eChapter : Simple Steps - The Chinese Way To Better Health

eBook: 12-Visit Protocol For Lifetime Patients

A $9.99 value.

eBook: Practice Success Blueprint

A $19.99 value.

BONUS eBook - Your Step-By-Step Roadmap And Guide To Pediatric Acupuncture Success

Access To Private Facebook Mastermind Group

Webinar - 5 Step System To Keep Patients In Care Longer

A $97 value

How to Buy or Sell an Acupuncture Practice - By Dr. Michael Gaeta

BONUS eTraining - ICD Billing For A More Proficient & Profitable Practice


But don't take my word for it...see what attendees had to say about last years AOM Summit...


Is This Program Right For Me?

It’s a valid question and I’m so glad you asked.  If any of these situations apply to you, then investing in the AOM Gold Pass will be one of the best moves you’ll ever make.

Where Will You Be Six Months From Now? Even A Year From Now?

Just for one moment let’s assume you get into the Gold Pass and think about what you’ll have by doing so.  In just a few days you would have:

• Gained the best strategies and tactics from the world’s top acupuncturists on how to get more patients, keep them coming back and getting the best rates.
• How to create the lifestyle you want and deserve and advancing your career by decades without wasting time on things that never work
• Now you’d have a concrete game plan on propelling your practice forward and gained all the training you need to be a huge success
Of course, if you do nothing you’ll simply be older without anything to show for it.  And I’m sure that’s not what you want and we definitely don’t want that for you either.

Think about it this way… while other practitioners are complaining about their situation you’re taking control over it.

Sure you may be thinking that investing $197 in the Gold Pass is a lot of money. But over the course of 30 days it’s less than $6.57 a day.  Less than what most people spend on two of cups of coffee every day!

At this point, you'll probably agree with me that, $197 dollars is a small investment that has tremendous capacity to advance your career and put your earnings on a fast track!

So, doesn’t it just make sense to invest a small amount on yourself?  It’s the surest bet you’ll ever make.


PLUS You Get A 30-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

30-day-guaranteeYou’re investing in the finest training possible to grow your acupuncture business.  The best and brightest minds in our medicine are going show what works with respect to growing your practice.

Again, this is based off results and not theories.  That’s why we insist you have 30 days to try the material out so we can prove it works without risk.  If there’s even a hint you’re not satisfied just let us know and we’ll refund every penny back to you.

No questions asked.  Upgrade to the Platinum Pass today and let’s start growing your practice even faster!